About the Education Law & Policy Review
Education Law & Policy Review
Published by the Education Law Consortium (ELC) in Cooperation with the Education Law Association (ELA)

     The Education Law & Policy Review (ELPR) is an academically rigorous peer-reviewed law and policy journal providing scholarly reviews and commentary on national and international issues in education law and policy in K-12 and Higher Education.  Preference for publication will be given to articles that address current and significant issues in education law and policy, and that help support positive changes in educational institutions through law and policy improvements.
     Articles accepted for review by the ELPR Editors are submitted to a rigorous peer-review process by law and policy scholars on the ELPR Faculty Editorial Board.  Articles accepted for publication are thoroughly reviewed and cite checked by the ELPR Student Editorial Board, and finally edited and approved by ELPR Editors prior to publication.
     To maximize its impact, scholarship must be published in a timely manner.  It is the policy of the ELPR to move from article submission to publication without undue delay.  Articles that do not initially meet ELPR standards of academic rigor or that are not otherwise appropriate for the ELPR will not be accepted for review.  Reviewed and accepted articles will be edited and published without delay in order to transmit the most current law and policy scholarship to scholars, policymakers, judges, lawyers, educators, and all ELPR readers.
     Manuscripts are not accepted for review on a rolling basis.  Authors are invited to submit publication ready manuscripts for consideration for publication and scholarly peer-review only when the ELPR Editorial Board issues a call for papers.  See the latest issue for an actice call for papers and submission dates.
     Articles should address current issues in education law and policy of national or international significance.  Manuscripts should conform to the style and academic rigor of articles published in other scholarly law journals.  Citations should be formatted as footnotes and follow THE BLUEBOOK: A UNIFORM SYSTEM OF CITATION (19TH ED.).  See the current issue of the ELPR for style and formatting examples for all manuscript submissions.  Send publication ready manuscripts and inquiries to the ELPR Editors at [email protected]
ELC Personnel

Executive Advisory Board

Scott Bauries, J.D., Ph. D.
University of Kentucky

Derek W. Black, J.D.
University of South Carolina

Carolyn Herrington, Ph. D.
Florida State University

Sylvia Hutchinson, Ph. D.
University of Georgia

Hillel Y. Levin, J.D.
University of Georgia

Martha M. McCarthy, Ph. D.
Loyola Marymount University

Jacqueline Stefkovich, J.D., Ed. D.
Penn State University

William E. Thro, J.D.
University of Kentucky

Robert K. Toutkoushian, Ph. D.
University of Georgia

Sonja R. West, J.D.
University of Georgia

R. Craig Wood, Ph. D.
University of Florida

Perry A. Zirkel
Lehigh University



John Dayton, J.D., Ed. D.
University of Georgia

Associate Editor-in-Chief

Ann Elizabeth Blankenship, J.D., Ph. D.,
University of Redlands

Higher Education Editor

Jennifer Rippner, J.D., Ph. D.
University of Georgia

K-12 Education Editor

Kevin Jenkins, Ed. D.
Mercer University

Education Policy Editor

Elizabeth DeBray, Ph. D.,
University of Georgia

International Editor

Betul Tarhan, Ph. D.,
University of Georgia

Faculty Editorial Board

Emily Rydel Ackman, Ph. D.
Harvard University

Justin Bathon, J.D., Ph. D.
University of Kentucky

Kevin Brady, Ph. D.
University of Arkansas

Amy L. Dagley, Ph. D.
University of Alabama

Kendall Deas, Ph. D.
College of Charleston

Janet Decker, J.D., Ph. D.
Indiana University

Todd DeMitchell, Ed. D.
University of New Hampshire

Angelo Viglianisi Ferraro
Mediterranea University

Alli Fetter-Harrott, J.D., Ph. D.
Franklin College

Neal H. Hutchens, J.D., Ph. D.
Penn State University

Christine Kiracofe, Ed. D.
Northern Illinois State University

Adam L. Kurtz, Ph. D.
University of Georgia

Jamie B. Lewis, J.D., Ph. D.
Georgia Gwinnett College

Michael MacBride
University of Georgia

Erik Ness, Ph. D.
University of Georgia

Stacey Neuharth-Pritchett, Ph. D.
University of Georgia

David Okech, Ph. D.
University of Georgia

Kelly Sherrill Linkous, J.D., Ph. D.
George Washington University

Luke Stedrak
Seton Hall University

Gina Umpstead, J.D., Ph. D.
Central Michigan University

Cindy Vail, Ph. D.
University of Georgia

Richard O. Welsh
University of Georgia

Jiaxin Wen
Shenzhen University

Sheneka M. Williams, Ph. D.
University of Georgia